Hello everyone! I’ve finally decided to make a new/official commissions post! 

For more info on pricing and more examples please check out my previous commission post

I will draw everything except for straight up porn and any sort of fetish (sexy things are okay though!) Always ask though, sometimes I’ll change my mind

Information that should be included when commissioning me:

  • Reference picture or description of your character(s)
  • 5 or more words that describe their personality(ies)
  • The more information I have about your character(s) the more accurately I can pose and draw them
  • Type of commission, if you want a specific style as well please let me know!
  • Optional: What you want them to be doing or where you want them to be 

I will e-mail you each step of the process (ie. Sketch, Lineart, and then the final product) I expect payment when I actually start the commission and will respond to all e-mails! If I do not respond to an e-mail it means I did not receive it.

I would like to turn my favorite commissions into prints in the future, so if that’s not okay please let me know! 

If you’d like to commission a piece please e-mail me at combatantcucumbers@gmail.com My paypal is also to the same address

If you have any questions feel free to send me an ask!

I also have a storenvy and a society6 store!

~Commission Style masterpost~

List of styles and prices for commissions, includes links to tags

For more commission info go here

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Since I am clearly not getting to my other commission soon I guess I will post this
high resolution →

Since I am clearly not getting to my other commission soon I guess I will post this

Sketch commissions~ I should really be doing other things

I also need more free time *~*

I can’t hold all these commissions